Our Services

Web Development

If you are looking for high quality, premium website for you business, organization or brand, Haibrid Technologies is your first choice. From simple html website, to a more complicated content management and database websites and web applications, you can trust us for all. We have a hall mark of delivering world class standards with speed, excellence and unparalleled customer service! We develop the following types of websites:

Business Websites, Corporate Websites, E-Commerce sites, News Portals, Blogging sites and personal websites.

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Here is what you will need to get a website for your company, business or brand:

  1. You need a domain name, example www.yourcompany.com

  2. You will need a web hosting service. This gives you space for your website files and documents and also for emails

  3. You will need to give us requirement for your website, example Business website or e-commerce website etc

  4. You will need to give us site map, (Sections and Menu Tree) and information for all the sections and menus of you website

  5. We will guide you to fine-tune your choices in order to get your requirement well documented.

  6. CALL FOR MORE INFO IF THE NEED BE +233 202 38 21 21

Intranets & Extranets

Intranets and extranets help companies to easily communicate, collaborate, share and store data or files that are important to them with both local employees, customers or external stakeholders. Intranets help employees to connect, collaborate and work together on various projects and programs regardless of distance. Some of our jobs include:

  1. Corporate and Business Intranets

  2. Corporate Emails set up

  3. Extranets

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Available Intranet Systems

  1. Corporate Emails, example you@yourcompany.com

  2. Intranet and Collaboration Suite Hosted on Google Cloud platform

Domain Name Registration

Get a perfect domain for your business. You can register the following TLDs with us:

.com.gh, .edu.gh, .org.gh

.com, .net, .info, .org, .xyz, .biz

.site, .website, .club, .tech, .online

Web Hosting Service

Get reliable webhosting service with 99.99% uptime and robust security. When you choose us to build your website, we give you the best webhosting service with robust security architecture. We have various web hosting services that meet the budget of various jobs and clients.

Digital Marketing

We delever ads that reach thousands and millions of people on the world's most popular Social Media platforms. We help you to reach your potential customers to you business, products and services with unmatched publicity and engagement.

We offer research, planning and strategy for ad and measure the impact of your ad on the general public. We can feature your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Our Digital Marketing services include the following:

  1. Sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

  2. Sponsored Google Ad Services: Adwords, SEO and Listings on Google Maps

  3. Official and Professional Page Set up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  4. SMS and Email Marketing

  5. Feature on Customer Media.

Call for Free consultation

We offer free consultation for our clients in order to ascertain their unique needs and job requirements so that we can them make good and informed decisions. Call us today and speak to one of our experts about your needs and we will be glad to assist you to make the right decisions.

Phone: +233 (0) 202 38 2121 Email: haibridgroup@gmail.com